We take charge

Avalon is the first of its kind, design centric event venue company in Pakistan. We started Avalon because change was long overdue in the event venue industry, and we wanted to be its torch-bearers rather than mere spectators. We wanted to break the moulds and standards of the past that asked our customers either to settle and to compromise on one hand, or to over charge them with some gimmicky marketing tricks and no real value. We knew people deserved better than that. So we took charge and acted upon our instincts. When we started out back in 2011, we wanted to bring about a culture, a new spirit to the event venues in Pakistan, that was never seen before.  We wanted to care deeply about the small details that made up events and their experiences, and we wanted our clients to have the comfort and feel which were even better than what they would have observed elsewhere in the world.

We get it

We understood that weddings were part of our culture in a much bigger way than they were anywhere else in the world, the events mattered much more to us, the bonds they created among families were celebrated and valued much more, and that such integral component of our societal fabric needed to be given so much more thought and care. Hence Avalon was conceived in Islamabad, giving our clients the only independent event venue company that cared, and met the highest of hospitality standards.

We innovate

Over the last two years we have been reflecting, thinking deeply about the spirit of great events and what it means for our clients and guests to trust us with their important days. Needless to say that we have been re-inventing ourselves continuously. Our passion for culinary art, great service and honest design, forms the foundation of Avalon, and it is this very basis which we think will keep us going in new, bold, fresh directions for times to come.