Chef's Pride

In addition to our set menus, we have also been working on expanding our culinary canvas, and back in the kitchens our chefs are always busy  innovating and bringing you the best cuisines from all over. Hence, you can now choose from these add-ons, to give our standard menus your personal touch. 





Rs. 100 to 150 per head

Cream of Mushroom soup

Hot & Sour soup

Special Clear Soup

Bread Basket

Hummus & Pita Bread

Mirchi ka Saalan

Bagaray Bengun

Sindhi Biryani

Chicken Haleem

Beef Nehari

Chapli Kabab

Batair Masala

Ras Malai

Shahi Tukray

Caramel Crunch


Rs. 150 to 200 per head

Chicken Behari Boti

Veal Shashlik

Chicken Foil Roast


Batair BBQ

Chicken Sajji

Mutton Haandi Boneless

Tak-a-Tak (Live)

Mutton Chops

Shinwari Lamb Karahi

Lamb Dumpukht

Very Berry Extravaganza


Bread Pudding


200 to 300 per head

Desi Murgha Qorma

Mutton Joints Masala

Mutton Foil Roast

Mutton Joints Roast

Shinwari Lamb tikka

Mutton Ribs

Lamb Leg Roast

Mutton Sajji

Fish Tikka

Pomfret Fish

Prawn Tempura


Rs. 2,500 per kg

Jumbo Prawns BBQ