Wedding Designer Who?

Weddings are celebrated passionately in almost every part of world, but in Pakistan these are literally treated as festivals. Bride and groom, along with their families, pay keen attention to every little detail for months, because they want everything to be perfect on their big day. They plan everything and hire the best people who can execute their dreams into reality.

We think a very important role is played in all this by the 'Wedding Designer'; the architect of such events. You must be wondering who might be the best person to fit this role. Well... you are. Yes, YOU. You might be the bride, groom or one of the immediate members. You don't have to pass an exam for this, but just need to get organised and have a creative eye for all things at wedding. If you want your event to be ideal, then start planning for it and note down all the required information.

How can you start planning for a wedding event?

You start by setting a budget. You don't be very wildly extravagant and especially not commit money you don't have. You then develop a sensible timetable depending on how much time you have for all the required preparations. Start the preparations by selecting bride and groom's wedding dresses and accessories, as they will probably take the longest to be prepared. After that, make a list of guests for the purpose of selection of venues, catering and invitations. Once your lists are finalised, look for the best venues in town. The sooner this is done, the better, so that you know you have the place you really want. Choose the venue that has good amount of space, reliable catering services, the right ambiance and a sense for decoration. Set the date according to availability of the venue, friends and family. Now, choose a wedding theme. It doesn't have to be really specific, but a successful event tends to have a consistent feel throughout. Choose a stunning decor that can compliment the theme you have chosen for your wedding. Be very specific about the selection of such little things, they can either make a wedding event look striking or dreadful. Finally, send out the wedding invitations so that the guests can have a record of your wedding date and can manage their availability accordingly.

If you can plan your wedding really well and pay attention to the little secrets we have shared with you, then trust us, you are going to have a perfect wedding, and at your big day, people will ask you who planned everything. To their ( hopefully pleasant) surprise, you may proudly say I DESIGNED everything.

So, good luck "Wedding Designer". We hope everything goes your way.

Saba Nazir

Planning an event? Here's what to do.


Have you been nominated to carry out or plan an important event in your family or an upcoming corporate gathering by your boss? If your answer is “Yes” – Congratulations! This could be a great prospect for you as an individual to show off your capabilities. Nevertheless, there’s only one issue; you guys have never done anything like this before. Don’t worry! There are many others out there who have found themselves in the same jam, but we’re confident that you’ll win mainly because you are organized and strong-minded (you reading a blog post about event planning is evidence enough).

Just like any other industry project or a university assignment the first step is to streamline all the information that you have got, and identify the most urgent matters. Before you start selecting a venue you guys need to know the basic requirements of your event. Essentially, before you do anything big, you need to get the specifics ironed out as in date, time frame, number of guests, how many banquet rooms / Marquees you require and most importantly your budget.

The reason why we began with “date” is because everything rotates around the date of your unique event. If you ask us, ideally you should have two to three possible dates in mind so you could compare availability and prices across the board. We feel that different days of the week should be included for maximum flexibility and not just traditional weekends. Be very realistic about the time of your event as eating and drinking habits and the choice of menu differs depending upon whether it’s lunch or dinner. For instance many people love to have barbecue at dinner functions in our part of the world, whereas the consumption of beverages is higher at a formal lunch. Be also very realistic about the number of guests, as a wrong projection could be embarrassing. Lets be honest, it does happen that almost an entire family of 10 could attend a function on a single wedding card. So please don’t simply guess the number of people who’ll attend because technically, attendance and budgets are directly connected.

Now we move on to the venue selection, you may only need one banquet marquee if you are hosting a sit-down buffet, but a full scale conference will likely require additional space, let’s say a lawn.  Once again, you won’t be able to calculate costs until you classify how much space you could do with. For conferences, or weddings the best approach is to plan a schedule in your very first meeting with your “Event Manager” at AVALON.  Sharing thoughts and putting them together on paper will help to push you through the next planning process and make sure everything is streamlined well in advance.

Last but not the least, never compromise on the quality of food and taste as both are almost as important to an event as an event itself. You guys are smart enough to recognize who’s who in this industry, and who will help to make you look good in the process of turning your event into a memory.

For more, please feel free to write to us or visit our sales office in Islamabad.